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Horizon Managed Prevention & Response (MDR/MPR)

Prevention-first MDR offering complete, powerful SOC operations as a service.


Best practices to improve defenses and prevent future attacks


24x7x365 service by our elite experts

Elevate Security

Advanced threat prevention powered by AI-based analytics

One Solution

Prevent, monitor, detect, investigate, and remediate attacks

Prevention-First Approach

Improve defenses and prevent future attacks

  • Automated actions: Isolate host, Enable prevention, Quarantine email
  • Prevention recommendations: Change passwords, Update configuration, Block email
  • Best practices: Install a patch, Block malicious domain, Update policy
  • Ongoing ThreatCloud AI updates

The Industry’s Top Analysts, Incident Response and Research Experts

Deliver prevention, investigation, response, and threat hunting service 24x7x365

25 years of experience handling 3,000+ incidents per year

Highly trained cyber operations experts, skilled threat hunters with global coverage

The world’s elite research group of 200+ security researchers

Horizon MDR/MPR Webinar

Powered by the industry’s top experts and leading AI technology, Horizon MDR/MPR proactively prevents, monitors, detects, investigates, hunts, responds, and remediates attacks on customers’ environments. Horizon MDR/MPR is quick to onboard.

Optimized Security Posture Powered by ThreatCloud AI

Real-time threat intelligence derived from hundreds of millions of sensors worldwide, enriched with AI-based engines and exclusive research data from the Check Point Research Team.

Complete and Powerful SOC Operations

We monitor your entire IT infrastructure 24*7*365 to accurately detect real attacks across network, endpoints, email, cloud, mobile, and IoT.

End-to-end Security Operations Service

Leveraging the industry’s most powerful threat Intelligence and AI technologies

We Monitor Your Entire IT Infrastructure 24*7 to Detect Only Real Attacks

We Make Informed Decisions to Stop Attacks

We Improve Defenses to Prevent Future Attacks

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