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Horizon Playblocks

Security Automation & Collaboration Platform

Overcome Limitations of Silos

to prevent attacks across the entire security estate

Make Security Collaborative

products, people & processes work together

Automated Collaborative Security Across The Enterprise

The moment an attack is detected by any security product, Horizon Playblocks automatically triggers the related playbook, a set of predefined preventative actions, to quickly contain the threat and prevent future attacks.

Horizon Playblocks includes dozens of automated, off-the-shelf prevention playbooks that include the ability to block IPs across all enforcement points, notify admins of policy installations on gateways, quarantine internal IPs and file, isolate hosts, initiate kill processes, etc.

Prevent Attacks with Collaboration and Automation

As SOC teams struggle to keep pace with growing volume of alerts and security events, manually creating new rules and updating policies is no longer sustainable.

Horizon Playblocks is an automation and collaboration platform that gets siloed security products to work together across the entire security estate – to quickly contain threats and prevent spread and reoccurrence.

Collaborative Prevention

Security operations teams know persistent attackers will attempt to gain access via multiple vectors, which is why collaborative security is the answer. Playblocks provides a set of predefined preventive actions to contain quickly contain threats. The moment an attack is detected by any security product, it automatically triggers collaborative preventative action across multiple enforcement points including isolating hosts, initiating kill process, notifying admins, etc.

Collaborative security is what enables Playblocks to quickly contain and prevent attacks from spreading across the entire estate

Consolidated Security

Playblocks is available as part of Horizon XDR/XPR or as a standalone platform that integrates with any workflow management platform. Out-of-the-box, Horizon Playblocks has integrations with Check Point CloudGuard, Harmony, Quantum, and third-party security vendors. In this way, Playblocks consolidates security people, products, and technologies.

Fast Time-to-Prevention

Reduce operational overhead by eliminating the need to manually update policies and rules. Horizon Playblocks includes 25 out-of-the-box playbooks include the ability to automatically block an IP across all enforcement points, notifying admins of policy installations on gateways, quarantining internal IPs, quarantining files etc.

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