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Quantum SD-WAN

Unifying the best security with optimized internet and network connectivity


Single-Vendor SD-WAN Solution with Unmatched User Experience

Uncompromising Branch Security

Prevent attacks on the branch: zero-days, phishing, ransomware

No more Zoom™ interruptions*

Rich SD-WAN with sub-second failover, and optimized policies for 10,000+ apps

A Complete SASE Solution

Complete Security and Internet Access Solution (SASE)

*Sub-second failover between internet connections (WAN links) aimed at reducing duration of potential connectivity disruptions with Zoom™ and other web conferencing services.

Uncompromising Branch Security

Highest Malware Catch Rate

Blocks 99.7% of new malware*

Prevents all Branch Threats

Known & Unknown threats, Ransomware and Phishing

*Per Testing by Miercom NGFW Security Benchmark 2023

No more Zoom™ interruptions

with rich SD-WAN Capabilities

Smooth Web Conferencing

sub-second failover between Internet connections

Optimized routing for applications and users

with 10,000+ supported apps

Internet Connectivity Monitoring

for latency, jitter and packet loss

Complete Security & Internet-access (SASE) solution

Activate Quantum SD-WAN from Check Point Infinity

Secure your SD-WAN with a Broad Range of Gateways

Quantum SD-WAN Features

Optimized routing for users and 10,000+ applications

Get automated best path selection for latency-sensitive applications, such as web conferencing and remote help desk support

Regain Visibility with Per-application Link Health Monitoring

Monitor connections for latency, jitter and packet loss; with sub-second failover for unstable connections

Onboarding Wizard

Get step-by-step guidance with a built-in steering policy wizard for the most common business use cases, based on industry best practice

User Friendly Dashboards

Get real time analytics on your network, including link swaps, SLAs and

Advanced Branch-level Monitoring

View, handle and resolve issues at the branch level with detailed logs

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