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XDR/XPR: Extended Prevention & Response

Comprehensive Prevention Across Your Entire Security Estate – endpoints, network, mobile, email and the cloud.

Comprehensive Threat Prevention

Accurate attack prevention across the entire security estate

Collaborative Threat & Event Correlation

Powered by collaborative, intelligent AI

Consolidated Analytics

Improve security posture with visibility into attack behavior, context and damage

AI Powered, Automated, Threat Intelligence

XDR/XPR represents your last line of cyber defense; an additional layer of security across your consolidated security estate.

Horizon XDR/XPR prevents complex attacks where seemingly benign events across different parts of the security estate, add up to a critical threat to your organization.

The platform can automatically stop threats from propagating and spreading within your organization, and provides clear forensics as extra validation for the SecOps user.

Horizon XDR/XPR Ranked as a Leader in 2023 Frost XDR Radar™!

Frost & Sullivan named Check Point an XDR Leader in Innovation and Growth for excellent threat detection, integration, and visibility capabilities, in a hybrid, intuitive platform.

Event Correlation Powered by AI & Rich Threat Intel

Horizon XDR/XPR includes real time threat intelligence from ThreatCloud AI – the brain powering Check Point’s prevention capabilities. ThreatCloud AI collaboratively aggregated and analyzes Indicators of Compromise (IoC) from over 150,000 gateways and millions of endpoints every day.

Hundreds of in-house analysts power Check Point’s leading cyber security research, which provides another Horizon XDR/XPR threat intelligence feed. Using proprietary AI modules, anomaly detection, reverse engineering and campaign hunting techniques the CP team leads the global effort to prevent cyber attackers.

Horizon XDR/XPR aggregates all events and Indicators of compromise (IoC) from across the customer’s environment and acts as the last line of defense. With even coverage across all enforcement points, Horizon XDR/XPR is the only truly extended prevention solution for SecOps teams.

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