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Check Point Upgrade Program
Upgrade your Legacy Appliance to a new Check Point Firewall Today!

Check Point Upgrade Program

Check Point is now offering to select customers* a chance to upgrade their legacy Check Point appliance or competitive solution for a new Check Point appliance at a significant discount.

The Upgrade Program is available on the following models:

Eligible Check Point and Competitive Products
SonicWALL WatchGuard Cisco Check Point Fortinet Symantec Juniper
TZ 200, TZ 210 or NSA 240 X-Edge Series,
X-Edge eSeries,
SOHO6 Series
PIX 501, PIX 506
ASA 5505
Safe@Office Series
UTM-1 Edge Series
FortiGate 30B Series,
FortiGate 50B Series
FortiGate 60B Series
FortiGate 80C
SGS 400 Series NetScreen 5GT Series
SSG-5 Series
SSG-20 Series
NSA 2400 X550e, X750e, X500, X700 ASA 5510 UTM-1 130 FG100A, FG200A, FG310B SGS 5620 NS-25
NSA 3500 X1250e, X1000 PIX 506, ASA 5510 UTM-1 270 FG400 SGS 5620 NS-50, SSG-140
NSA 4500 X5500e, X2500 PIX 515, ASA 5520 UTM-1 450   SGS 5620 NS-204, SSG-320
NSA E5500 X6500e, X6000 PIX 535, ASA 5540 UTM-1 1050 FG 300, FG 400, FG 800 SGS 5640 NS-208, NS-500, SSG-520
NSA E6500 X8500e, X8000 ASA 5540, ASA 5550 UTM-2050 FG3000, FG4000 SGS 5660 NS-1000, SSG-520
NSA E7500 X8500e-F ASA5540, ASA 5550 FW-1 NG, VPN-1 NG FG3016B, FG3810A - ISG 1000/2000

Other eligible vendors include: Astro, Phion, Netasq, Arkoon, Clavister, Internet Security Systems (IBM), Secure Computing, SourceFire. Other appliances not listed here may also qualify for this promotion, contact us to see if you qualify for this program.

*All upgrde program purchases must be approved by Check Point. If trading up from a competitive solution, both model and serial numbers are required in order to qualify.