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SD-WAN Security
Protect your Branch Connections to the Cloud

Check Point SD-WAN

Check Point CloudGuard Connect and CloudGuard Edge transform branch SD-WAN Security with the industry’s leading threat prevention, flexibility to deploy in the Cloud or On-Premise, and a unified threat management platform that can reduce operational expenses up to 40%.



Why is SD Wan Security Important?

Connecting branches directly to the cloud using SD-WAN significantly increases security risks. Branches need to protect themselves against sophisticated Gen V cyber attacks.

Check Point transforms Branch SD-WAN Security with CloudGuard Connect and CloudGuard Edge, delivering top-rated threat prevention in the Cloud or On-Premise.

Unsecured Connection


Key Benefits

Advanced Protection


Top-rated threat prevention with 100% cyber attack catch rate

Highest Catch Rate


FlexibleFive-minutes to protect your SD-WAN on the Cloud or On-Premises


Unified security architecture reduces OpEx costs up to 40% and CapEx by 20%



Secure Branch Offices On-Premise

Secures incoming and outgoing connections, maintain privacy and compliance
  • Zero-touch automates on-boarding sites
  • Cloud or enterprise management options
  • Maintain privacy and compliance
  • Integrated with an on-premise SD-WAN edge
  • Lightweight embedded VM with 1 Core, 1GB RAM, 1 GB disk
  • Seamless integration with VMware SD-WAN Edge devices

Secure Branch Offices On-Premise

Always Up to Date Branch Cloud Security for Branch Offices
  • Prevent Zero-Day threats with Sandboxing
  • Enforce safe Internet use with Application Control and URL Filtering
  • Prevent bot access to Command and Control servers
  • Inspect encrypted HTTPS channels to prevent threats
  • Set policy for thousands of sites and monitor for threats in a single console



Check Point and Leading SD-WAN Partners
Secure Branch SD-WAN Connections to the Cloud

Seamless integration with SD-WAN partners makes adding security easy!